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As an author, many of us experienced ongoing rejection from agents as well as the ‘traditional publishing companies.’ Often we are left with the feeling that our work is unworthy and just not good enough for the public’s discriminating view. iDreamRadioFM.Com is here to tell you that is not true. We would like to present the ‘Unknown Author’ and give you a chance to have your work read by our listening audience. Every month, we will accept entries into our, ‘Unknown Author’ contest. Two of the entries will be put on our Author’s Corner bookshelf for listeners from around the world to have a chance to vote on; which of the two works have the most potential. Also, we will sent your book to several book clubs for their review and they will also give their critique of your book. Last but not least, iDreamRadioFM will send out five (5) free copies of your book to members of our listening audience. At the end of that month, whosoever has the most votes will win a prize of $250.00 dollars cash as well as a .30 second one voice commercial ad spot that will air for thirty days. You can enter the contest as many times as you like and with as many books as you may wish to enter, but you can only enter the same book once per year. The author who wins, the most votes will have his/her book entered into our annual winners contest for a chance to win our grand prize! 


To enter this contest, you click on the application below and sent us a copy of your cover, and a four minute trailer from your book, in a word file. The trailer can be from any section of your book you deem worthy. If your book is picked to be put on the ‘Author’s Corner’ book shelf you will be notified by iDreamRadioFM.Com via email. There is a $30.00 entry fee to enter the contest which must be paid before your entry can be submitted. This is your chance to achieve your dream with, iDreamRadioFM.Com’s Author’s Corner! Because we believe, ‘Everybody Has a Dream!




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